Lowes Customer Service Phone Number

Lowe’s customers often find them end with various issues and problems when they shop at Lowes.com online store.

The complete mylowes customer service is available throughout the week during regular business hours (from 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM ET).

Customers are very much aware of the Lowes Phone number, as they are highly noticeable in the store as well as the lowes online portal.

But still, they find it very difficult to get in touch with them, because of several telephone numbers for each service.

Lowes Customer Service

lowes customer service phone number

Lowes Store customers can request to ask the store customer service representative any questions about their product or service.

For online customers, they can use the online live chat option to get in touch with the representative or can call the lowes phone number.

Lowes Employees, who want to get in touch with the HR Team – visit my lowes portal.

Here are the full details about the Lowes customer service number:

Lowes Phone Number

Use any of the following toll-free numbers to connect to Lowes customer service and ask all your queries and questions about the product and services.

Customer Service:

1-800-445-6937 (1-800-44LOWES).

Lowes Pro Desk:


NOTE: If any customers have Pro plan, then kindly use the Pro desk customer service phone number. For other general queries, order status - call the Lowe's Customer Care.

For any particular department or service, Lowes company offers different Lowes phone numbers for its customer service.

The reason why the company offers this kind of support for its customer is to make the customers quickly get solutions for all their queries.

Below we had mentioned all the Lowes departments and their customer care phone number.

Lowes Sales & Installation Services:

1-800-445-6937 (1-800-44LOWES).

Lowes Protection Plans, Repairs, and Warranties:

1-800-445-6937 (1-800-44LOWES).

Lowes Credit Card Support:


Lowes Consumer credit card, Lowe’s Business Advantage.

Lowes Business Rewards:


Lowes discount program offers various deals for its customers on any particular special day.

Lowes Commercial Account:


Lowe’s Corporate – Contact Email & Numbers:

If any customers want to get in touch for any general inquiries with the customer service.

Kindly visit the Lowes.com contact us page or directly call the lowes customer service number – 1-800-445-6937 (1-800-44LOWES).

For any media inquiry, kindly visit the newsroom section or email the team at publicrelations@lowes.com

Are you an investor? Wanna get in touch with the lowes corporate team?

There are 3 options to connect with:

  • Email – investorreleations@lowes.com
  • Visit the official investor relations website.
  • Phone number – 1-800-813-7613

To get started working with lowes, or need any assistance with the job application questions, career guidelines, or Lowe’s schedules, please connect with the Lowes HR team or call the Lowes associates at +1-844-475-6937 (1-844-HR-LOWES).

Be a part of the Lowes team if you are a vendor, supplier, or provider of any services or products. Get complete instruction on how to become a partner with Lowes.com


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