Lowes Employee Discount

If you are a lowes associate, then along with the regular lowes benefits plan employee can enroll for the MyLowes employee discount program and activate their account to avail and claim amazing deals and discounts from thousands of brands you love. Offers across several categories including food dining, travel accommodations, entertainment, and many others.

Employees who access the Lowe’s Associate discount program can directly sign in to the benefithub.com lowes portal using the email address and password. The article is for the new employees who are not aware of the employee discount program.

Lowe’s Associate Discount Program

Benefits Hub, a third-party benefits provider has partnered with Lowes company to offer exciting deals on several products and services for their employees.

The mentioned website is also a part of the Lowes employee portal.

These discounts can be availed on the popular categories of products such as travel, dining restaurants, hotels, movie tickets, entertainment, fun activities, and many more.

lowes employee discount program
NOTICE: Only the LOWE'S Associates can avail of these offers. Other than anyone is not eligible to claim the offers. The Lowes employees should make purchases to get a discount on any particular products or services.

How to Access Lowes Employee Discount Program Online

Lowe’s Associates can get access to their employee discount from the www.benefithub.com portal to avail extra deals and offers on various categories such as travel, entertainment, foods, flights, hotels, and many more. Related to this, my lowes life can be used to check the employee’s weekly work schedules.

Everything is available in one place, ie – Lowe’s Associate employee discount online program.

lowe's associate discount program

Here is our quick instruction on how to access the associate discount portal:

  • Click on the above button and continue to visit the official page of the employee benefits discount program.
  • Enter the employee’s email address and password.
  • Click on the “Login >” button to continue and access several offers and deals exclusive for Lowe’s Associates.

In case if the employee needs help with the Myloweslife login, feel free to reset the password. If still there is an issue, do contact the help desk for additional support.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: To avail extra lowes employee discount benefits, the lowe's associates have to activate their account in BenefitHub, a trusted Benefit Provider. 

Claim My Account in My Lowe’s Associate Discount Portal

activate enroll form

Follow the below steps, to activate your account in Benefithub.com:

  • Visit the official website of the Lowes Employee Discount program through the website address or click on the below button.
  • Lowe’s Associate has to enter their 9-digit sales id (including the zero) that is assigned to each employee by the company itself.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to find the employee account and complete the process.
  • In the end, associates will find an activation option to activate the lowe’s associate discount program.

FAQ on Lowes Employee Discount

Lowes Associates have many questions related to the discount program, so we wanted to share those questions and answers in this article.

Lowes Pay stubs can be checked through the official mylowes portal for employees. If there is anything required more about the employee benefits program, feel free to comment below:

What is the Lowe’s Associate Discount Program?

Lowes offers extra benefits to its employee through a benefit provider (Benefitshub.com) and avail discounts and offers on many products and services under many categories such as hotels, flights, travel, dining, vacations, entertainment, mobile plans, and many more.

Who can avail or register for the program?

Only Lowe’s Associates is eligible for the program and can avail of all these offers and discounts only if they had enrolled.

What are some popular offers in the Lowes employee discount program?

The most popular deals are saving up to 50% off on staying hotels, up to 40% off on movie theater tickets, and more savings on car insurance.

How to get an Offer/Deal?

After login, kindly find the best deals and Click on the “Get Deal” button to claim the selected offer.

I missed a deal. Will I get the same deal later?

The chances of getting the same deal are odd, but lowes associates might get a better deal on other various products and services. The deals and offers keep changing frequently, so we recommend you to subscribe to their email list and get notified of any offers.

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