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When Lowe’s employees need to access the employee portal through the store portion from their office workstation, they had to use lowesnet.com.

In simple words, the Lowes employee login portal can be used from home and workplace, it is commonly known as Myloweslife and Lowes internal network.

Lowes Net Home – Employee Portal login

Lowes Workspace Services is an internal lowes Kronos employee login portal, which can be accessed on the intra-store network only.

This is explicitly representative that Lowe employees, staff, and managers can access the application in their workspace only.


This is the same as the online lowes employee login portal at myloweslife.com. Along with this, employees can look for any content related to their store portion.

My lowes life login is usually accessed from anywhere ie. home.

Lowesnet.com Employee Portal

Lowe’s internal network service address is lowesnet.com and it can be accessed only from the employee’s office work location.

If any lowes employees try to access the Lowes Kronos network from home, an error will be displayed. This error appears because the internal firewall blocks the outside connection.

Lowesnet Employee login

The employee login to lowes workspace ready is the same as the Myloweslife.com employee sign-in. Lowes associates need to use their employee username or store id and password.

Employee login activities will be tracked and monitored.

Lowes employee discount online program is applicable for full-time associates.

FAQ on Lowesnet Home Search feature

If any employees need some help with lowes net, kindly follow the list of questions & answers. It could solve the doubts about the lowes network search system.

Who can use the search feature?

Anyone who had successfully authenticated with the network & has access to the “Store” portion.

Logged in Lowesnet employees can use the search feature to look for the content on the current store or any Lowes store.

Where is the search tool option is located?

The search tool is located in the top-right corner of the screen under the username and location section. The search tool is always displayed on all the pages in the top-right corner.

I need some help with Lowesnet. How to contact the support team?

If lowes employees need any support, they are requested to contact:

Store communications at +1 700 757 8073

The telecommunication service is available from Monday to Friday (7 AM – 6 PM EST) Or Support email address at storecommunications@lowes.com.

For any support after the operational house, kindly contact the IT Support team at +1 800 964 3375. For more questions, kindly refer to the search faq.


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