Lowes Discount Program for Employees & Associates

There are various advantages programs provided by Lowe’s Company to its employees. With Lowes Discount Program Incentives, employees claim several merchandises of the company is offered to personnel at special prices. Also, a similar mylowesbenefits website is used.

It is important to join Lowes associate discount program to acquire amazing savings.

Getting Lowes Discount Program with Ease

lowes discount program

Open the official website of Lowe’s in your web browser ie., mylowes login.

On the site’s homepage, enter your login credentials so you can use the online portal.

Things to Know – Lowes Employee Discount program

Personnel who get Lowe’s employee discount would have convenience, flexibility, and security which are best for their work and personal life.

My Lowes Life employee portal is a great tool to get notified about the requirements of the discount program.

Acquiring Lowe’s employee discount means you’ll be able to attain security versatility, and comfort in your personal and work life.

How to Claim Lowe’s Associate Discount Program:

Follow the detailed instruction on how to complete the lowes employee discount process:

  • Employees have to visit the official website of the Lowe’s company employee portal in the web browser.
  • Now that you’ve entered into the site, you have to Sign in so that you can access all the information and benefits details.
  • Input your sales number in the respective field.
  • Next, you have to type in your password in the second empty field.
  • Right after entering both Sales Number and Password, you need to click “Login” to continue.

You could save your hard-earned money so you could acquire the best advantages.

Your lifestyle would be better with the aid of these discounts as well.

Related to the discount program, employees can view their benefits in the mylowesbenefits portal.

If you would like to get your perks, you should Sign up for a work account.

These accounts are however available with the use of your Corporate Perks account ID.

The accounts allow you to view your purchase history and transfer points quickly.

The website offers great convenience in accessing the benefits, discount programs, along with other info. You could Register here so as to get quick details.

Utilizing your account, you could access your 401(k) Perks with no charges when you are working.


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  1. Last week I was clicking links on the website & found a section that had discounts for Lowe’s employees but it was other businesses. With so many links & Lowes this & Kowes that I cannot find it. I was very interested in the discount on computers but what good is it if you can’t find it.
    Someone needs to sit down & figure out a way to make it easier. Thank you


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