Lowes Kronos Login for Employees

KRONOS Lowes is an application in which Lowe’s had partnered with Kronos Incorporation to provide a work schedule platform for their employees.

Lowes has upgraded its worker’s scheduling services to Lowes Kronos.

Everyday work schedules are planned and scheduled by Lowe’s HR team and the finalized schedule for the employees will be updated on Lowe’s Kronos portal (Mylowes life).

The current associates can get access to their work shift timings, leave absence history, request change shifts, swap shifts, and more from the My Lowes employee portal login.

lowes kronos login

KRONOS Lowes Server

Kronos Incorporation had partnered with many companies to provide their employment work schedule service. These tools are commonly known as the Lowesnet employee portal.

Likewise, Lowe’s started to use the Kronos service quite a long time before. Since then, the employee work schedule is managed at the Lowe’s Kronos Login.

Lowe’s workers can download the Kronos app easily from the Play Store or App Store.

Lowes Kronos Server name is https://ltsrvext.lowes.com/lowesmobile.

First-time users of the Kronos app have to feed the lowes company server name. Copy the above-mentioned server name and paste, it to connect to lowe’s server.

Click on proceed, to continue entering the employee username and password.

Third-party services are in-built within the Myloweslife portal at Myloweslife.com, to provide quick access to the Lowes schedule from the KRONOS option at the right corner.

Some of the most commonly used options on Kronos Lowe’s are mentioned below:

  • Check your time off balances.
  • Manage your timecard.
  • Manage timecard exceptions.
  • See when you’re working next.
  • Take action on time-off requests.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Kronos Incorporation had renamed their KRONOS service to UKG, henceforth Kronos Ready and Kronos Workforce Central are now referred to as UKG Ready and UKG Workforce Central respectively.

Source: Play store.

Lowes Employee Portal – KRONOS Login

Lowe’s HR Manager will deliver the sign-in credentials for the Lowes employee portals such as., My lowes life, Lowes Kronos login, Mylowesbenefits, & Lowesnet.

Only the active employees of Lowe’s can access these employment-related portals.

Each Lowes HR application has its own purpose for the employees, so the workers had to use the application accordingly. For example: If they want to check the upcoming week’s work schedule, they had to use the KRONOS Lowes Login to view Lowe’s schedule.

  • Using desktop application from Myloweslife employee portal.
  • Using the Kronos Workforce Central app on Mobile.
NOTICE: To access the Lowe's Kronos app, workers must use the Lowes server-id, provided by the HR Team or the store manager. 

Lowe’s Kronos Desktop Login

Here is our quick instruction to access Lowes Login Kronos from the Home desktop.

  1. Visit the Myloweslife login with the sales number and password to access the dashboard.
  2. After signing in, employees have to choose either any option (Part-time or Full-time) based on their job profile and type,
  3. Based on the preferences, the homepage dashboard will be aligned.
  4. On the top-right side, you will find the “KRONOS” option. Click on the option to continue and accept the disclaimer warning notice.
  5. Click on the “My Work & Absence Summary” menu to get details about the work schedule.
  6. Employees get upcoming weekly schedules on the app, before a week.

Lowes Kronos App

If employees want to access the Kronos mobile login, they had to download the official application from the Android Play Store or iPhone App Store.

Other than this, the procedure remains the same as employee access from the desktop.

kronos lowes

The below procedure will help employees to download & access the Lowes Kronos mobile login app.

  • Go to the mobile app store (Play Store or App Store) based on the mobile operating system.
  • Search for “KRONOS” from the search bar.
  • You will find the official application by UKG Workforce central (ie., Kronos Mobile login).
  • Tap on the “Install” button to download and install it on your mobile device.
  • In a few minutes, the application will be downloaded and installed.
  • Now from your mobile home screen, click on the “Kronos” app to open.
  • It will take a few seconds to load and will prompt lowes employee portal login credentials.
  • Enter the sales number, and password in the respective section.
  • After signing in, employees can view the upcoming work schedules from the “My Shift” tab section.

Most Common Issues with Lowes Kronos Server

Can’t access the Kronos lowes at home?

Does the Kronos app stop working?

Is the Lowes Kronos server down for maintenance?

When any employees try to access the application, they might not be able to the work schedules and this is because the application might be upgrading its setting.

KINDLY NOTE: The online application has a schedule maintenance duration. 

During those times, the application will be in offline and won't work as expected.

For all these above-illustrated issues, we request the employees to be patient for some time and kindly access the application later after a few hours or minutes.

Sometimes there might be an issue while accessing from a desktop, in this case, try to use the KRONOS App from your mobile and check for connection.

In case both the services are not available, kindly use the service after 1-2 Hours.

If employees are facing issues repeatedly, we recommend you to contact the store manager and solve it quickly or you might need to contact HR by telephone and get it sorted.

KRONOS Login Support

If there is any assistance required related to the Kronos application, employees can directly reach out to the manager for support while they are at work.

In case they are at home, they could get connected with Lowe’s employee HR number – support team at +1-844-HRLOWES (+1-844-475-6937).

Also for additional guidance about Lowe’s worker benefits, we request to directly call the lowes HR toll-free number for employees – +1-888-HRINFO5 (+1-888-474-6365).

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