Mylowesbenefits – My Lowes Life Employee Benefits Plan & Pricing

Employee benefits play a significant role for anyone who is looking to join MyLowes company. Mylowesbenefits can be accessed online to view, enroll and manage the lowes employee benefits with the employee sales id or user id and password.

This article will give a detailed overview of the mylowes benefits plan, pricing, and eligibility criteria for the Lowe’s associates at the portal.

The website is a part of the Official Lowesmylife employee login.

For complete detailed instructions, kindly refer to Lowe’s Official HR website –

Lowes Employee Benefits @

Lowe’s home improvement company is proud of its employees and has an excellent family of employees network.

People always love to get employed with Lowe’s because of their career training at and their benefits.

lowes benefits

Some of the most popular mylowes employee benefits are Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance, Life insurance, Various Accidental Insurance coverage, Disability Insurance, Lowes Employee Discounts, Employee share purchase plans, and illness insurance.

IMPORTANT: All the Lowes Benefit will be effective from the first month ie., after the 30 days of service. This is applicable to both Full-time and part-time associates.

Lowes Benefit Summary

Lowe’s offers much variety of Employee benefit options for the current working associates and their eligible family members and children.

We recommend the employees use the mylowesbenefits website to check the enrollment process and active status.

Based on the employment status, and employee work schedule these lowes employee benefits do vary.

  • Medical Plan Pricing
  • Dental Plan Pricing
  • Vision Plan Pricing
  • & Additional Benefits
  • ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase plans)
  • 401K Benefits restoration and Cash deferrals
  • Long & Short-term disability insurance.
  • Accidental Death Insurance
  • Business Travel & Off-the-job Accident Insurance policy
  • Paid Life plans
  • Illness insurance.
  • Supplemental term life insurance.
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • HSA & Health care FSA
  • Dependent care & commuter flexible spending accounts.

Access Mylowesbenefits Employee Login

Lowes current & former employees can get access to the website by following the below steps:

  1. From any computer or mobile device, Open the default web browser from the system.
  2. Enter the address – in the address bar.
  3. The website will be automatically redirected to the UPoint MyLoweslife Login (Powered by Alight).
  4. In the Login screen, you will find 2 Options:
    1. Access using Sales ID
    2. Lowes Employee Benefits Pricing tool (
    3. Using the user ID and password.
  5. If you want to preview the pricing, kindly use the 2nd option.
  6. In case you have a sales id, then you need to use the website.
  7. Enter the USER ID and Password in the respective box.
  8. Click on the “Log On” button to continue and access the employee benefits from the dashboard.
Get a preview of Lowes benefits using the Benefits pricing website. 

MyLowes Benefits Pricing – How to View Benefit Plans

Anyone can preview the Lowes Benefit plans and pricing at

lowes employee benefits
  • Open the above website link to view the Benefits plan for Lowe’s employees and former associates.
  • There will be 3 options to choose from:
    • Current Lowe’s Associates or Family member.
    • Prospective Lowe’s Associate.
    • Former Lowe’s Associate (COBRA).
  • Click on the respective option, and it will be redirected to the search form, where the employees have to provide details such as employment status, employment profile (Full time or part-time), and home zip code.
  • Once the details are filled in, click on the “Explore your options” button.
  • A site disclaimer will popup, click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now you will see the complete medical plan pricing for employees, children, and families.
  • In the menu, Medical, Dental, Vision, and other additional lowes employee benefits options are available.
  • Click on the respective menu to view the plan pricing and eligibility. is mainly used to provide benefits plan highlights, pricing and eligibility criteria. 

There is no guarantee on particular plan availability for the employees. 

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