– File Lowe’s W-2 Form

Employees can enable the option for W-2 form online delivery through the mytaxform portal and disable the physical delivery of the W-2 form. Starting from 31st January, all W-2 and 1095-C forms will be mailed to the employee postal address specified on the profile.

Earlier, the My lowes life login portal can be used to view the Lowe’s W2 Tax form, and employees can file the tax through the official lowes employee portal.

Lowe’s W-2 Form Online at MyTaxForm

lowes w-2 form mytaxform

Lowe’s workers can view their W-2 tax form online via the portal.

How to view my Lowe’s W2 Tax Form

The official website is

  • Login to the Mytaxform with Lowes Import code W2 as 11116 and Lowe’s employer name as “LOWES”.
  • Enter the Social Security Number.
  • Enter the PIN Number.
  • Login to the account and Browse the available W-2 Form from the menu.

How to Opt-back into Mail delivery?

The official website is

  • Login to the above website using Lowe’s Employer Code as 11116 and Lowe’s employer name as “LOWES”.
  • Enter the Social security number.
  • Enter the PIN number and Opt-in for the mail delivery option.

In case, first-time users have to use the default PIN, and later on, they could change the PIN Number.

The default PIN Number is a combination of an 8-digit number that is the last 4-digits of the employee’s SSN, 2 digits of their birth month, and 2 digits of their birth year.

For example, The employee’s SSN is 458521526, and their birth date is 10-02-1978. Then the default PIN Number is 15260278.

Forgotten your personal PIN? Try resetting the pin via the “Forgot your PIN”.

Any issues accessing 1095-C or W-2 Form?

If there is any problem while accessing the W2 form or 1095-C form, we recommend the employees to call the Work Client Service center number at 1-877-325-9239.


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